Antimicrobial peptides from Phyllomedusa frogs: from biomolecular diversity to potential nanotechnologic medical applications

– Compilation of data on the antimicrobial, neuroactive and smooth muscle activity of Kambo peptides

Antitumor and angiostatic activities of the antimicrobial peptide Dermaseptin B2

– Promising data on the cancer-fighting potential of Kambo’s Dermaseptine B2 peptide

Dermorphin-related peptides from the skin of Phyllomedusa Bicolor

– Statistics on Dermorphin’s ability to bind with pain-relieving receptors in the brain

Deltorphins: A family of naturally occurring peptides with high affinity and selectivity for 6 opioid binding sites

– A study of Deltorphin and it’s ability to bind with pain-relieving receptors

Pharmacological data on Phyllokinin

– Information on Kambo’s Phyllokinin peptide and its benefits to blood pressure

Kambô, The Spirit of the Shaman

– A great write-up on the history and uses of Kambo

KAMBO: Nature’s Vaccine for the Mind and Body –

– An interview with IAKP founder Karen Kanya Darke
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